Kinetika Timeline



HHPP studios

Kinetika moves to High House Production Park!

Kinetika moves to the world class, High House Production Park to spearhead a new era of outdoor arts engagement in the East of England.


Launching Ali Pretty on CultureLabel

Kinetika Design Studio develops the ‘White Horses’ Collection and launches it through the Ali Pretty shop on


Spring Festival at London Designer Outlet

Completing our design and engagement commission by London Designer Outlet in style at the Spring Festival 2014 – Bold, colourful and exciting!




Taking part in the Rugby League World Cup Opening Ceremonies

Kinetika participate in designing and choreographing a section of the opening ceremonies for the Rugby League World Cup in Cardiff, Wembley and Trafford in 2013.


Engaging Wembley for the opening of the London Designer Outlet, 2013 – 2014

Kinetika designed a community engagement programme and devised a celebratory run of events, involving dance, family workshops, public silk painting and a carnival parade -all for the opening of the London Designer Outlet in Wembley.





The Athletes Parade for web-12

Leading the Team GB Athlete’s Parade

Kinetika artist Tony Mason designed and constructed the two giant Lion heads, with assistance by Edwina Rigby and Iola Weir. The Lions led the Athlete’s Parade down the Mall as thousands lined the streets, or watched live on television around the world.


Creating Marvellous Moving Stuctures for the Paralympic Games Closing Ceremony

Kinetika engineer, designer and maker, Mike Pattison created a fleet of weird and wonderful trikes, bikes and towers for the incredible celebrations that took place on 9 September 2012 at the Olympic Stadium.


Animal banners for Manchester Day Parade

Kinetika designed and painted colourful banners for the Manchester Day Parade, with designs featuring dragons, pandas, tigers and fishes.


Painting 44 metres of silk for WEYA in Nottingham

As part of the finale of WEYA festival – involving one thousand artists from all over the world – Ali Pretty painted a length of 44 metres of silk live in the square, revealing the names of all the artists, poetry and images contributed by local participants.






Designing for the Hackney One Carnival

We designed and painted flags and costumes that reflected the diverse culture of the local communities in Hackney, in preparation for the borough welcoming the whole world for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.






The Kinetika Bloco becomes independent!

Run by former Kinetika employee Tamzyn French, Kinetika Bloco became an independent charity after 10 years of development within Kinetika.

Brook and Atom on racetrack, Uckfield Get Set Day 2010

Puppets & Structures for Imagination Our Nation National Residency

In the second year of Imagination Our Nation (ION) project, a series of small puppets called ‘Champions’ were created during a National Residency.





Vibrant costumes for the FIFA World Cup Opening & Closing Ceremonies in Abu Dhabi

In 2009, Kinetika was commissioned by Ignite (now part of Wasserman Media Group) to produce The Spectacle Collection – 90 stunning wings and skirt costumes – for the FIFA World Cup Opening and Closing Ceremonies in Abu Dhabi 2009.

baishaka mela

Celebrating the Bangladeshi New Year on Brick Lane

Kinetika was commissioned by Tower Hamlets Arts Team to create a spectacular centrepiece for the annual Baishakhi Mela, celebrating the Bangladeshi New Year on Brick Lane.


UKCCA Launch Performance in Luton

The Tiger Out East show visited the streets of Luton to launch the opening of the UKCCA on May 3rd.





Through the Arch of Imagination – a performance made for the East End

Kinetika worked with local communities and schools to create puppets, costumes and a performance inspired by cultural identity and belonging.



Playing for the Future – GermiNation

GermiNation 2008 was the first year of Imagination Our Nation. Kinetika worked with partners from 6 regions creating 14 performances involving 3,500 participants.





The Kinetka Bloco dance along the Great Wall of China

The Kinetika Bloco was chosen by then Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, to represent London as part of the “Beijing 2008″ Olympic Cultural Festival. The trip saw youth representatives from all across the world coming together with the aim of sharing and connecting each others cultural journeys and participating in the Beijing International Youth Festival.


The Kinetika Bloco perform for Nelson Mandela in Parliament Square

The vibrant dancers and musicians of the Kinetika Bloco were chosen to perform for the unveiling of Nelson Mandela’s statue in Parliament Square, London.

fw 07

The return of the Tiger… Tiger & Emperor

Kinetika and the Tiger Out East team joined forced with Walk the Plank to create a beautiful firework folk story for Tower Hamlets November 5th event in Victoria Park. As the Tiger paces the giant catwalk, fire illuminates the dancers and drummers, and firework effects light up the forest. The greedy Emperor wants his taxes, and the people must pay.





The Making of Mas – a new training programme for artists

Over a period of seven years, Kinetika established an advanced carnival skills training programme called ‘The Making of Mas’. This programme is unique to Kinetika and we have successfully adapted it to the specific needs of communities and schools all across the British Isles — from East London, to the Isle of Wight and even Derby.


Ti-Jean and his brothers

Forty dancers, drummers, brass and woodwind players performed in extravagant costumes, accompanied by 3 giant puppets over 15 ft tall, created a unique event that pushed the boundaries of carnival and theatre.


Tiger Out East!

The colourful Royal Bengal Tiger Float was created by a team of artists led by Mike Pattison and Tony Mason, working in 3 local East End schools to create small tiger puppets and green leaf banners to go alongside the Tiger on its procession in Brick Lane.






Roads To Freedom

In Roads to Freedom, we explored the role of the arts – particularly carnival – both as a tool of change and as a form of political expression. Created in 2005, the piece looked at how carnival in Trinidad arose out of the abolition of slavery and looked at how the African influence manifests itself through costume, music and dance.





Din Shuru at Nottinghill Carnival

Din Shuru was Kinetika’s 2003 national touring spectacular carnival project, celebrating the Indian influence in carnival and depicting a story that takes you from Kolkata to Trinidad to the UK and back again. Over a 1000 participants from Asian, African-Caribbean and European backgrounds took part in the project. They created dazzling head dresses and magnificient costumes that illuminated the Leicester Mela, the Isle of Wight Carnivals, the Canterbury Festival and the Mayor’s Thames Festival in London.




Din Shuru a (10)

Din Shuru UK Tour reaches India!

“The heart of the city burst into a flaming riot of colours and came alive with colourful costumes, amazing stilt walkers, soca beats, live drumming dancing from the Bengali folk dancers, contemporary Bengali beats, girls in golden headgear and men in brilliant burgundy, turquoise blue, flaming red and immaculate white costumes.” – Soca News





Creating puppets costumes and performances for Yemanja

Yemanja was a carnival performance created and produced by Kinetika with hundreds of local participants from three regions. The piece combined elements from three carnival traditions (UK, Trinidad, Salvador) and featured large puppets, astounding costumes and floats, live music, text, choreography and the uplifting magic of ancient ritual.



Celebrate South Africa

Mayors Parade, Thames Festival





Passion at Thames Festival





Rivers of Vitality at Salisbury International Festival




Decorating the cathedral for Salisbury International Festival






Kinetika founded by Ali Pretty as a not-for-profit company.