Bespoke Design World class design for the world stage

Bespoke Design

We are proud to offer world class bespoke design for ceremonies and events of any kind. We are experienced and skilled in designing and rigging site decor – from flags and banners to large-scale backdrops.

We design bespoke costumes for carnivals, processions, performances and dance – including headdresses and backpacks. We can design, make and animate puppets and structures on a variety of scales which can be operated by hand or by motors.

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Previous clients and projects have included the FIFA World Cup 2009, the London Paralympic Games Closing Ceremony, the London 2012 Athlete’s Parade and many more. For more detailed information about our design commissions, please see the links below. We also own a vast and unique collection of flags, banners, costumes, puppets and structures all of which are available for hire.

If you are looking to commission a bespoke design project as a charity, not-for-profit organisation or for a community project, please visit Kinetika People.