Image: Copyright  © LOCOG 2012.

Artist Mike Pattison worked in collaboration with Ali Pretty and artists from Kinetika Design Studio in creating a marvellous array of moving wheel-based contraptions for the Paralympic Closing Ceremony 2012. Watched by an estimated 7.7 million people worldwide, the ‘Festival of the Flame’ celebrated the exuberance of festivals and the changing of the seasons.

We now own this spectacular collection of contraptions-come-costumes, which we hope to tour either as individual pieces for parades and outdoor events, or as a unit which would form a promenade show of weird and wonderful characters, animals, plants and bikes!

Images left to right: Kinetika, Copyright  © LOCOG 2012.

We are keen to hear from potential collaborators and promoters who are interested in developing a show, producing a tour or hiring individual pieces for their event.

Read & Download the hire booklet or get in touch for more information.