For this spectacular GLA and LOCOG event, Kinetika was to design and produce two, large lion puppets and costumes for The Kinetika Bloco to lead in one of the largest parades we’ve seen.

Around 800 Olympic and Paralympic athletes took part in ‘Our Greatest Team Parade’, making their way through central London to the delight of approximately one million onlookers.

Lead artist, Tony Mason designed and made the two enormous heads assisted by Kinetika Design Studio artists, Iola Weir and Edwina Rigby. Kinetika also costumed – in red, white and blue – the puppeteers from Smoking Apples and Highshore Schoolwho brought these giant cats to life, along with the forty musicians from the Kinetika Bloco who accompanied the procession into The Mall in central London.

Watch the BBC’s spectacular footage of the Athlete’s Parade, here.