kinetika design studio

Welcome to our brand new website!

It has been designed by Matt at Signor, who also created our fabulous new logos.

The new website also reflects a new company setup for Kinetika, which recently split into two entities…

Kinetika Design Studio is a subsidiary of Kinetika People and reflects all of our commercial design work and acts as a hub for our growing network of design studio artists, makers, engineers, choregraphers and more. Kinetika Design Studio also has its very own, new Facebook Page.


kinetika people

Have a browse of our new websites and please do get in touch with your feedback, we’d love to hear from you.

Kinetika People is now the place to read about all the work we do as a not-for-profit organisation; working with charities, other not-for-profit organisations, schools, local authorities, community groups and more.

We’re also going to keep a blog of our latest news, including guest posts from our artists, facilitators, participants and hopefully some special guests too!

You can also stay up to date and join in conversations on our brand new Facebook Page.